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When can I see beavers?

Do beavers eat fish?

Do beavers live in the dam?

Why do beavers build dams?

How big are beavers?

How can you tell male and female beavers apart?

Why are beaver teeth orange?

Do beavers pat mud with their tails?

Can beavers really slap their tails?

Can beavers dig?

How far can beavers go over land?

What happens when beaver populations get too big?

What is a baby beaver called?

When are kits born?

How many times a year can beavers reproduce?

Do beavers make noise?

How long are beavers pregnant?

Do Beavers have predators?

Is trapping a good way to solve beaver problems?

How can I protect my trees?

How can I prevent the pond from flooding my property?

Are beavers born with flat tails?

Can beavers walk on their hind legs?

I something with a narrow tail? Was it a baby beaver?

Where did the Martinez beavers come from?

Do beavers belong in California? I read that fish and game introduced them?

Do beavers cause erosion?

Don’t beavers destroy trees and forests?

Do Beavers cause beaver-fever?