Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers


Beavers are an engaging, charismatic species that can help children and adolescents learn about habitat, ecosystems and the environment. A field trip to the dam can be a great way to bring those lessons home, as well as an easy opportunity to see nature up close. Amtrak offers the perfect transportation choice, as the train station is right next to the secondary dam. If you’re considering adding beaver education to your classroom, these resources might be helpful:

Any Age:

beaver army

Make your own Beaver Hat (Worth A Dam original)

Beaver & Kit paper bag puppet  (Worth A Dam & Dugmore Original)

Beaver totem to color: All anonymous & Worth A Dam

Build A Beaver: Grades 2-8, North Carolina Parks,

Edible Beaver Dam K-12: Lands Council shows children how to build (and eat) their own beaver dam.

Beaver Activities for Children: Some great art projects. Or how about an origami beaver?

Beaver Maze: Find bucky a new tree.


Junior Beaver Scientists: (A Worth A Dam original!) Grades 3-5

Grades k-3 pre-visit Lodge Activities Minnesota Zoo. Suggestions for teaching children about lodge and dam building .

Grades K-3 ANKN (Alaskan Native Knowledge Network) Habits and habitat, stories and beliefs about the beaver. In depth science curriculum.

Grades 3-6 (W0rth A Dam) “Beaver Catcher” This variation on the “cootie catcher” or “fortune teller” can solve beaver problems!

Grades 6-12 Glacier National Park. “Leave it to the Beavers”. Learning about beaver territories and scent markings. Adolescent activity for identifying your own “territory”. A fun introductory Creek Health game can be found here from Queensland Waterwatch.

Keystone Species Charm Bracelet (The original Worth A Dam Original) : All ages!

The teachers at Martinez Early Childhood Center have done a great job adapting some of these activities for preschool children. They can be reached at (925) 229-2000.

Beavers are nocturnal, but if you come for a daytime visit you will still see their three dams and lodge, as well as footprints and chew marks. Email us at and a member of Worth A Dam will be happy to meet you and provide information and a guide to the site. You may also email us for the elementary grades or High School level powerpoint presentation shown this summer, which elaborates beaver behavior and adaptation. We will be happy to send it your way. This short film from Spring Farm Cares and Beavers Wetlands and Wildlife is a great introduction.

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