backIn 2015, our beaver kits died from an unknown illness. The parents wisely relocated for a while, and then turned up again the next spring building a dam down near Granger’s Wharf. We filmed them mating so we knew a new generation was on the way. On mom’s due date in October 2016 we lost sight of them. We think the activity and noise that accompanied the installation of the new bridge drove them upstream.

This year, the week after the beaver festival they showed up again! With a healthy 10 month old kit that represents the 25th beaver born in Martinez.

After all their time in the public eye, our beavers have selected some where more private for the time being. Mom, Dad and Junior are living in a bank hole above Susana Street. If you watch from the bridge at night or in the morning you might catch a glimpse, but until they move somewhere more public that’s all we’ll get to see them for now! We’re just happy they’re home!