Martinez Beaver Festival Promo 2016 from Tensegrity Productions on Vimeo.

Higher Quality XBrochure and Schedule for this year’s event will be available soon.

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Martinez: Beavers of Alhambra Creek celebrated at annual festival


Beavers Back in time for 2016 Festival

This year we will be doing a special Ecosystem Engineer Bracelet, where children can ‘earn’ wildlife buttons made by Mark Poulin by learning how beavers help other species. The free activity will be available for the first 150 children. Don’t be late as this is always our most popular event of the day!

Be sure to visit the new Beaver Mural  recently completed by artist Mario Alfaro. What else happens at a beaver festival? This article from the National Wildlife Foundation should give you an idea. Or maybe you should just come see for yourself. Already been to a beaver festival? Come again! You won’t believe how much we’ve grown.

CaptureCelebrating one of Nature’s Greatest Engineers: The Martinez Beaver