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Do beavers make a noise?

I’m so glad you asked! Beavers make a great noise! It’s one of their most endearing qualities. It sound very human and has been described in the past as impossible to discern from a crying infant. Kits make the sound to eachother, to adults and to anyone that they want attention from. It seems to mean, mmmm this is good. Get off this is mine. Mom give me a ride. And look at me!

Here’s a great recording of beaver vocalizations.

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2 comments on “Do beavers make a noise?

Ab Rashid

Did beavers make sound by the rapid movement of their wings or by vibrating membranes in their abdomen area ?


I think you’re asking about “Bees” not beavers.
Beavers do not have wings.

But they do make a noise.


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