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Beaver Festival VII August 2, 2014.

Martinez beavers still worth talking about: KQED SCIENCE

New kit seen July 1st! Dad has found a new mate and the family is doing swimmingly!

Beaver Festival V Needs You!

Beaver Festival IV

All four Dams, lodge and Part of Flow device wash out in storm.

Martinez Beavers Take Center Stage at State of the Beaver Conference 1-24-11

City of Martinez to Hang Beaver Memorial August 25, 2010

Beaver Festival III, August 7th, 2010

Members of the press are invited to contact Heidi Perryman

(925) 283-4499.

Martinez Beaver Matriarch Dead, June 26

New Kit June 9th

June 9, 2010 Press Release

Available Press Releases:

November 18, 2009 Beaver Art Project


Additional Resources:

Final Subcommittee Report

This report was prepared by the Beaver Subcommittee for consideration by City Council to determine the fate of the Beavers. Among the findings of the Report is the fact that better than pre-beaver flood protection is feasible.

The Complete Tail A short video telling the story of our Martinez beavers from dam creation to offspring was made for the Martinez Beavers Library Night.

Sierra Club resolution of support of the Martinez Beaver family, and offer of assistance, in any way possible, from the Sierra Club Wildlife Commitee.

Sampling of Martinez Beavers in The News:

Beaver Field Trip: Contra Costa TimesDana Guzzetti

LA Times: Richard Paddock

SF Chronicle: Carolyn Jones

SF Examiner: Chris Mclaughlin

East Bay Express:Chris Thompson

Contra Costa Times:Lisa White

Contra Costa Times: Gary Bogue

Bay Nature: Aleta George

Sierra Club Yodeler: Terry Preston

San Francisco Estuary Project: Joe Eaton