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The Martinez Beavers

Festival 2017

Beavers or not, annual Martinez festival happens Aug. 5

MARTINEZ — There probably aren’t any beavers in Alhambra Creek as you read this, but there definitely will be a 10th annual Beaver Festival, to honor both the paddle-tail swimmers that put the city in the national news in 2007 and 2008, and the creek environmental experts say benefited greatly from the beavers’ presence.

This year’s festival runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5, at what’s come to be known as “Beaver Park,” the grassy plaza off Marina Vista adjacent to Alhambra Creek, near the Amtrak station.

The festival boasts environmental booths and displays from groups in five counties, live music, a wildlife-centered silent auction and children’s activities that combine craft-making with environmental learning.

Festival participants can learn everything they need to know, through a kid-friendly illustrated “beaver wall” showing the process, and a costumed beaver expert explaining on stage the good works that beavers do to help the overall ecology where they live.

Brock Dolman of the Sonoma County-based Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s Water Institute will give a presentation about the beaver’s worth in an ecosystem. That group leads a “Bring Back the Beavers Campaign” to encourage their return to more local creeks.

Award-winning author Ben Goldfarb will be on hand to discuss his upcoming book about beavers, and other experts will be on hand to offer their views.

The festival is free, and decidedly family-friendly. For more in formation, click here

Higher Quality XThe festival is known for having a wide array of Wildlife and Nature Exhibits. Here’s our list of participants so far. Click on each link to learn more about the good work they’re doing and how you can support them!

  1. CA Native Plant Society
  2. Friends of Alhambra Creek
  3. Gardens at Heather Farms
  4. CCC Recorder-Clerk-Elections
  5. Worth A Dam Information
  6. Aquarium of the Bay
  7. Save Mt. Diablo
  8. Bay Nature Magazine
  9. Native Bird Connections
  10. Suisun Wildlife Rescue Center
  11. River Otter Ecology Project
  12. PLAN/Badgers/Madrone Audubon
  13. Parents for a Safer Environment
  14. Ohlone Herbal Center
  15. Republic Services
  16. Felidae Comservation Fund
  17. Coyote Brush Studios
  18. UC Master Gardeners of CCC
  19. Run4Salmon
  20. OAEC Water Institute
  21. Pond Turtle Project OZ
  22. Worth A Dam Silent Auction
  23. Worth A Dam Membership
  24. International Bird Rescue
  25. Project Coyote
  26. CA Bluebird Recovery Program
  27. MDAS Audubon Society
  28. Wild Birds Unlimited Pleasant Hill
  29. The Marine Mammal Center
  30. Salamander Felt Works
  31. Martinez Arts Association
  32. Martinez Open Space
  33. Gardening for Butterflies
  34. Worth A Dam Nature Journals
  35. Worth A Dam Tattoo Parlor
  36. East Bay Regional Parks
  37. South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition
  38. East Bay Sewing Guild
  39. Sierra Wildlife Coalition
  40. US Forest Service
  41. Luigi’s Deli
  42. Plein Air painters MA


Event Brochure:


This year we will be helping children make Wildlife Journals with the Tatoos made for us by Coyote Brush Studios. Children will ‘earn’ the collection by learning how beavers help other wildlife. The journals will have leather covers and a beaver chewed binding!

BeaverTattooDesignsPainted1 (2)

nature journal

Check out some of the fantastic items that will be offered for low, low prices at our silent auction.

Read more about the festival here:

Community Focus_0041 gazette

Martinez: Beavers of Alhambra Creek celebrated at annual festival


Beavers Back in time for 2016 Festival

This year we will be doing a special Ecosystem Engineer Bracelet, where children can ‘earn’ wildlife buttons made by Mark Poulin by learning how beavers help other species. The free activity will be available for the first 150 children. Don’t be late as this is always our most popular event of the day!

Be sure to visit the new Beaver Mural recently completed by artist Mario Alfaro. What else happens at a beaver festival? This article from the National Wildlife Foundation should give you an idea. Or maybe you should just come see for yourself. Already been to a beaver festival? Come again! You won’t believe how much we’ve grown.

CaptureCelebrating one of Nature’s Greatest Engineers: The Martinez Beaver


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