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Willow Genocide

Posted by heidi08 On April - 28 - 2017ADD COMMENTS

IMG_1790Ahh, who can read the mysterious minds of city staff? Or understand the workings of what goes on at the murky coffee-stained meetings where marching orders are issued? I’m just a lowly beaver advocate who can’t hope to infer what would make a city chop out all the willow trees along its bank, and ONLY the willow trees, leaving all the others untouched.

All we know is that by lunch time yesterday they had hacked along the fence line near the corp yard, cutting out every willow that stood along the banks. And leaving some scrubby un-willow trees and the large oak.

IMG_1796I’m sure there’s method to what looks like pure madness. The cut willow was just strewn along the banks or thrown into the creek. (Which is kind funny, because when the beavers were here they always hauled every scrap away after trimming). Maybe the fact that the new bridge to nowhere means more people can see this neglected path. Especially parents of soccer families from walnut creek and they complained they wanted it cleaner.

Sure looks a lot cleaner to me.

IMG_1794The pile on the right is the part of the creek where the beavers were living last summer. Ahh memories. I guess we should just be grateful that beavers aren’t there now, with all their cover and food source destroyed – barraged by machinery and harassed by the intrusion.

Rumor is that the homeless man who ‘officially’ lived there (And I say officially because I’m told the Martinez police knew and protected him because he kept them supplied with information) that particular homeless man is currently in an apartment downtown. Don’t know why or how. But maybe the city just didn’t want some OTHER unsanctioned homeless to move in. So they eliminated the cover?

(Or at least the willow part of the cover.)

IMG_1823You know me. I can’t possibly see a targetted willow genocide and not think it’s a message to any other beaver that approaches, MOVE ON, nothing to see or eat here, we don’t need your kind in these parts. But I guess this would be a lot of work just to keep beavers away, which they never did in the last 10 years and they easily might have. So I don’t know why this happened.

But if there’s ONE thing I know for sure, it’s that willow grows back. Whether you cut the top, the branch, or the roots. Something tells me it’s not the last we’ll see of them. And who knows what that will bring?


A glorious day

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IMG_9753Yesterday was an extravaganza of beaver support from a huge Earth Day event at the John Muir House. The activity of creating a ‘Martinez Loves beavers’ locket was so popular that we ran out of our 150 supplies by 11 and had to restock by sending Jon home to get backups which we nearly ran out of all over again. The beaver annIMG_9804iversary card was hugely popular and literally signed by hundreds and hundreds of people. Including two city IMG_9939council members.

Our volunteers were hardworking, cheerful and thank goodness had the stamina to keep up with demand. Champion Leslie Mills maintained her inviting cheerfulness long after the rest of us were worn out and ready to pack up the day. As always, Cheryl’s great photos recorded glory perfectly.IMG_9935

Our beaver as Ecosystem posted was a big hit, John Muir and the park superintendent wore their locket all day, April an Alana did beaver puppet IMG_9868shows in addition to drawing some amazing beaver art, and someone told me that they had learned all about beavers from reading friend Rob Rich’s article in the Earth Island magazine!

I talked to a woman who had attended my talk in Portland, children who knew more about beavers than I did when they moved into Martinez, a teacher who worked was the colleague of the mother of the artist doing our art project this summer, and  someone who reported seeing a beaver in San Ramon creek! I thought you would appreciate seeing some  photos of the wonderful, jubilant, exhausting day.

I was planning to share the cool beaver pendants we were donated for the silent auction, but good lord I’m still tired an that’s enough good news for one day. Mean while Brock Dolman and Kate Lundquist of the OAEC were marching for science!


John Muir and Beavers Need You!

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JMA 17No neck is complete without one. You’d better come by today and make your own.
locket art projectAn what’s better on earth day than one spring beaver swimming for past our photographer in Napa? Two spring beavers, of course.

two spring beavers

Rusty Cohn: Napa beavers 2017

You know if it weren’t for beavers, we’d all be at the science march, right? But duty calls!