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Too much cute

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Cuteness overload! Call the police! Our wildlife tattoos from Coyote Brush Studios arrived yesterday and I am in shock about how beautiful they are. Jon and I immediately had to try some out on a few journals just to know how they worked. The big one is my journal made from imperfect seconds. It’s missing the water drop and the turtle because there were none that weren’t perfect and I selflessly (but just barely) didn’t want to ruin any of the 150 children’s sets. The little mini-journals have beaver tattoos we bought separately to sell at the festival. Go ahead, tell me you or your child can resist having their very own. I’ll try and believe you.

tattoos journal

If you’re lucky you have a grandchild or neighbor kid that you can hustle down to the festival so they can earn one of these for free. Then you can steal it back after the work is done and they fall asleep dreaming of beavers after their exhausting and joyful festival. (And yes mom, I know what happened to that Halloween candy every year!) If you can’t cajole a child into coming, you will just have to make a donation and snap up your own.

beaver believer

Meanwhile, we met up with stalwart volunteer and good friend Erika this week and she presented us with a bundle of gifts including a 50 dollar dinner certificate from Metro in Lafayette, and a 100 one from Esin in Danville! Plus she had made some truly adorable additions for the silent auction at her clay class in Walnut Creek. These all hold tea lights, but would work just as well for candy or incense too! They are even cuter in person. Thank you Erika, and you can thank her yourself when you see her working like a dog helping kids with tattoos at the festival!

tummy three



That’s a great deal of cuteness already, I’m sure we’re all weak in the knees at the moment. But it gets better. Because Rusty was back at the pond last night with some photos we all want to see. Enjoy the new Napatopia kits!

two cuties 2017

Seating for two: Rusty Cohn

slight curve

2017 kit: Rusty Cohn


Wyoming Wonders

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Whew! Things are back to normal. The solar unit needs insurance, I woke up at 4 and my email has completely stopped working. That seems more like it. While I try and manage radio silence if you need to reach me try this. Mean while there’s still plenty to talk about.

CaptureStarting with our friends Wyominguntrapped. They have some pretty heavy hitters as partners, including the Forest Service.  The beaver awareness project website was launched yesterday and looks awesome. The program director said yesterday that her dream was to have their own beaver festival one day.:-)

Following several meetings between the Forest Service and Wyoming Untrapped in which the benefits that beavers have to the forest were a topic, an idea was formed that would bring together many community partners and would help to reestablish populations of beavers on National Forest Service land.

There is a lack of tolerance for beavers as well as a lack of public awareness of the benefits that beavers provide ecologically. Beavers are an integral keystone species that gets little attention by wildlife managers but have substantial, positive impacts to the ecosystem. Increasing knowledge and a love of beavers in children will increase the understanding of this unique species which will lead to a growth in tolerance and co-existence with this valuable, beneficial species. Students will gain scientific knowledge about hydrology, ecology, biology, and engineering using hands-on solutions to real-world problems. Students will gain knowledge of careers by meeting members of the community to whom they are rarely exposed.

Go to their website and check it out, but there are a few special treasures I want to focus on today. In addition to our lovely poster and links to this site they have some fantastic footage by Filmmaker Jeff Hogan. If his name sounds familiar it should because every single PBS or BBC documentary you have seen of the region uses his work. And with good reason. This footage complete took me by surprise.

I’ve been doing this every morning since Bush was president. I’ve watched 25 beavers grow up and 5 beavers die and seen things I never expected time and time again. But this blew me away. Seriously. Watch it.


Beavers: The smartest thing in Fur Pants!

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One of the stories that’s been hovering around my inbox is a new BBC production in the making called Wild Alaska. It is going to feature the animals you’d expect and some beavers, but I was delighted to see this pre-runner released this morning on a channel called “It’s okay to be smart”. Ha! Now I know everyone is busy but this is really worth your time and your friend’s time, and your bosses time. Settle in for a few minutes and watch it and then share it with EVERYONE you know.

From a website called Zhil Speed.