May 20th – 6:30pm – Four beavers were seen last night. One coming down from the primary dam and the others came out from the bank hole near the footbridge. They were seen working on the secondary dam.  A mouse was spotted swimming across the creek. HP, JR

May 19th – 6:30pm – Five beavers were seen  around the secondary dam. HP, JR, CR

May 6th – 7:00pm – 8:00pm -Four beavers  were seen coming over the primary dam and swimming down towards the secondary dam  A muskrat also was seen swimming across the creek near the bank hole at the footbridge. HP, CR

May 2nd – 6:00pm  – Wow, what an amazing beaver viewing night. First two beavers were seen swimming down from the primary dam site. These two seemed to be the same size which made us wonder which ones these were. Soon last years kit came out from around the bank area and spent some time near the secondary dam. Also he was seen doing some minor repairs. The secondary dam looks great. It wasn’t much longer before we spotted a very large beaver that must have been Dad. Mom was seen also. There was so much beaver activity going on that it was hard to figure out how many beavers were out.  It was determined that five beavers were seen. HP, JR, CR, JO, LB

April 28th – 7:00pm – Two beavers were seen at the primary dam and they continued on down to the secondary dam ,where they joined two other beavers. Four beavers were seen altogether which is great news. JO

April 3rd – 6:00am – A yearling was seen swimming back and forth across from the bank hole near the secondary dam. Mom or Dad came up from downstream and went up and over the secondary  dam, which is in great shape and is huge now. HP, JR

April 1st – 7:00pm – One large beaver was seen down near the secondary dam.  He came out from one of the holes in the bank and started to gather some food. JO

March 29th – 5:00am – At least three beavers were seen this morning.   Two beavers near the secondary dam were having a whining/pushing match by the bank hole over food and another beaver swam down from above the secondary dam.   Three  beavers were then seen all at once.  These were large beavers and the kit was not one of them so looks like we have at least four beavers still around. JR

March 28th – 5:00am – One large beaver was seen swimming from the secondary dam to one of the bank holes. JR

March 1st – 7:00pm – Mom, Dad and the kit were all seen down at the secondary dam after coming from the bank lodge near the footbridge. HP, JR

March 1st – 4:45am – One adult beaver, which was probably mom, and the kit were seen working on the secondary dam.  Mom left and another big beaver showed up and joined the kit working on the dam. The kit was seen getting mud and bringing it back to the dam but by the time he got there most of the mud was gone. At least he was trying. JR

February 15th – 5:15pm-7:oopm – Several people went down to the beaver dams but there were no sightings of beavers during there stay. There were signs that the beavers were still around as one could see that work had been done on the secondary dam and also many beaver chews were seen. HP, JR, JO, Bill

February 5th – 6:00am – The kit was seen working on the secondary dam. Let’s see how it holds up in the coming rains. JR

February 1st – 4:00am – There was very good news this morning from a very early beaver watcher.  The kit was seen  working away on the secondary dam.  He was making many trips bringing stuff to put on the right of the dam. This is the first time the kit has been seen in quite some time. JR

January 31st – 4:45am – Two beavers were seen this morning.  One looked like the same one seen yesterday working on the right side of the secondary dam. He stopped to have a snack. The other  beaver was seen working very hard in the shadows on the left of the dam. JR

January 30th – 4:45am – One  very large beaver came up over the secondary carrying a stick, which he proceeded to position in the dam, then went on mudding. It was also reported that the day before, two large beavers were send at the secondary. It has been quite some time since any beaver sighting so this was great news.JR, JO

January 14th – 5:15pm – Two beavers were seen down by the secondary dam. JO

January 3rd – 5:00am -  One beaver was seen  chewing and working on the secondary dam. The dam is starting to look like a dam again. JR

November 24th – 5:00pm – The beavers had some special visitors tonight and they went home pleased as they were not disappointed.   Dad, Mom and the kit were out near the footbridge and secondary dam. It was nice to see the family down by the secondary again. HP, JR

November 15th – 5:00pm – Oh what a great beaver sighting evening. Two of the yearlings came swimming out from the bank holes at the secondary dam and forged around looking for food. They took some branches into their home in the bank. After some time, the kit came out. This was the first time he has been seen down at the secondary in many weeks. He has been spending his time up at Ward Street recently. It was great to see him back down in that area. Another very large beaver appeared and there was a discussion about if it was Dad or not. In all, four beavers were seen including the kit. A great night for beaver watchers. HP, JR, LB

November 9th – 5:00am – One beaver was seen by the foot bridge. HP, JR

November 8th – 5:00pm – Two beavers were seen near the dam site. HP, JR

November 5th – 5:00pm – Two beavers were seen at the footbridge along with 3 raccoons. The kit was seen down near Ward Street, were he has been hanging out.  The water level of the creek was very low. HP, JR

October 22 – 6:00 pm – Two beavers at primary mudding dam, (dad and yearling?) and 2 beavers at ward street, kit and yearling. Dark SO early. HP, JR, CR

October 16th – 6:oo pm – Three beavers (Dad and 2 yearlings) seen at footbridge (A). Kit above Ward Street (HP JRrunaway

October 11th – 6:00pm – Four beavers were seen down at the footbridge.  They came down from the primary dam. Dad was seen over at the Ward Street site.  Everything looked OK. HP, JR

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June 6, – Moses Silva filmed mom beaver with a kit at 3:00 am at the primary dam. Seen by LB and CR.

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First kit seen May 5, 201

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June 9th 2010 – Two new Kits swimming between the old and new lodge at 6:00 am. Hooray! HP June 4th – Mom was seen cruising around the main dam at 8:00 PM. She swam up stream to get a willow branch, which she took back to the lodge. No other beavers were seen at that time. LK June 2nd – A yearling was seen this morning around 6:30 AM near the annex and around the old lodge. Haven’t seen the yearlings for quite a while so it seems we at least have one still around. HP June 1st – Mom was seen near the primary dam at 8:00 PM. Soon after another beaver crossed over the dam with a willow branch heading towards the lodge. Also seen were two Mallards. JO May 31st, Mom bringing back a willow branch from the primary dam at 8:30 PM and heading towards the lodge. She was last sighted sitting on the left bank eating some of the willow. LB & LK May 30th, Mom and Dad seen 8:00 pm. CR April 14th, 2010 8:45 pm Dad and yearling. Barn Owl pair. Mother mallard with 7 new ducklings and Mother mallard with 3 older ducklings. Cormorant. Song sparrow pair. March 18th, 2010 7:15 Mom coming home carrying branch February 22, 2010 6:45:Dad carrying tree over second dam.Mom and two yearlings January 23, 2010 7:00 am:Juvenile otter near secondary dam January 11th, 2010 6:45: 2 yearlings and Mom January 10, 2010: Green Heron eating tule perch

December 24th, 2009

Mom filmed at secondary dam, eating tulles. Lots of chewing going on at the primary day. Great and Snowy egret.


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  1. Stephen Stout Says: To Whom It May Concern,Thank you to each and every one of you that participated in any capacity to save the Beavers. I have worked and lived in Walnut Creek for many years. I never had a reason to visit Martinez other than business or visit a friend. This evening my wife went out with friends so I thought it would be fun to visit my friend Kevin Bacon who lives in Martinez. My daughters joined me on the outing. After eating at Burlington’s(spell?) we visited the beavers and met several very nice people. I wanted to take the time to thank you for affording my family and I the opportunity of seeing animals in the wild. My daughters were able to walk away with a touch of nature and an experience that will last a life time. What a nice town you have. Again, thank you.
  2. Monty Says: I’ve recently been called to jury duty in Martinez. Can’t wait because I’ll be real early and try to catch a glimpse of the little critters! What an amazing thing to see. Thanks for this site and all the information.Monty
  3. Jean Says: The whole family has been seen in the last few days by a very diligent lover and videographer of the beavers. I’m so happy I’m dancing in the streets!!

Ryan says 2-15-11

my boyfriend and i decided to take a valentine’s day adventure from san francisco despite the rain and got lucky. just as we were getting impatient, we saw a critter pop its head above the water andheadtothe dam! it was around 7:30-8pm, he or she hopped up on top of the dam andwassnackingonsomething. we tried to get a better look with a flashlight (not smart) and scared the beaver away, but after a short walk we checked back and were surprised to see two beavers! can’t wait to come back when the daylight hours are longer!