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These images were taken by Worth A Dam VP and photographer Cheryl Reynolds.


VIDEOS: Another way to tell this story is through our collection of videos. Videos are by Heidi Perryman. Start with this great introduction to the Martinez beaver story. Follow Heidi on Youtube for latest footage.

How can you tell a beaver and a muskrat apart?

How can you tell a beaver and an otter apart?

+ The Complete Tail The story of our Martinez beavers from dam creation to offspring was made for the Martinez Beavers Library Night.

+ Sacred Center The native american named the beaver the sacred center because his dam created habitat for the other creatures that followed.

+ The Flexible Lever What is a flexible leveler: How does the flow device work and will it control pond levels?

+ Save the Beavers The challenges and solutions facing the city are outlined and beaver advocates are called to action.

+ Fab Four We thought there were two, but in July four kits are filmed at once.

+ Martinez Beaver or Muskrat A guide to telling them apart for the new observers.

+ Martinez Beavers This early video helped viewers learn about the Martinez Beavers whereabouts and habits.