Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers


Share the beaver gospel!

Every child knows what “Build-a-Bear” is. Just ask them. Hardly a birthday party goes by that some classmate doesn’t invite them to tag along. It’s as american as apple pie, and every bit  as comericial as Disneyland.

I thought it was time they learn how to “Build-a-Beaver Pond” too.

Monday Amy G. Hall finished the art work for the “empty beaver pond” children will be filling with the wildlife stickers they gather at the beaver festival. Since  yesterday was the last day of a 40% off sale at Vistaprint I worked hard to get the  cards done so worth a dam would save a penny or two. These will be large glossy postcards that children will get from me to begin the activity.  They will also get a map showing which booths to visit to gather the stickers and told they need to say why beaver  ponds help that species to ‘earn’ that sticker.

The stickers will be under an inch and look like this, representing species that might be found on or under the water – or on the bank at a beaver pond. then the children can ‘place’ the stickers on the card where they belong and “Build” their own Beaver Pond.

 It has already been hinted that the Contra Costa Fish and Wildlife Committee likes this idea and will be granting funds for this educational activity.  Now I just need to finish the stickers and chose the groups who will be handing them out!

Meanwhile, Amy has the hard job. She will be chalking a 10X10 illustration of the “filled beaver pond” in the park center. By the end of the day it will look something like this: