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There are beaver heroes in every corner of the state, and our friends at the Sierra Wildlife Coalition are a shining example. I remember the very first beaver festival they joined way back I was so impressed that they decorated their booth with chews and a sand paint demonstration. Since damage to trees is the NUMBER ONE REASON folks for trapping, teaching people about this tree-saving tool is essential.

“We just sand-painted about 50 cottonwoods today in Washoe Lake State Park in Nevada (between Reno and Carson City). Toogee was alerted about beavers chewing there, talked to State Parks (who were going to use chicken wire… I know) and they were all into it, bought paint and sand and buckets and rounded up 8 volunteers to help! It will be on the late news 9after Olympics) but already on the KRNV website πŸ™‚

Volunteers Use “Sand Paint” to Stop Beavers from Gnawing on Trees at Washoe Lake


About a dozen volunteers gathered at Washoe Lake State Park Saturday morning to ‘paint’ the trees along Washoe Lake. The paint was a mixture consisting of latex paint and sand, and it’s supposed to prevent beavers from gnawing on the trees.

Park supervisor, Jen Dawson, said this was necessary because beavers have damaged 60 trees from chewing on them.

Wonderful work by some wonderful beaver friends! If you had been doing this as long as I have you would remember that this whole advocacy group began in response to beavers killed in Kings Beach, right next to an daycare that had been following the family. Sherri, Ted and friends met with countless officials and neighbors trying to push this issue to a better direction for next time. They even asked our own Lory Bruno to come to a meeting and talk about what Martinez did once upon a time.

(It is so heartening to see their work and Sherry marching on after Ted’s death last year.  It is always the wrong people that die from cancer. But you knew that.)

We checked on our own little beaver dam yesterday which is looking quite healthy. A phoebe was sitting on it to capture flies and a squirrel used it as a bridge just before Jon snapped this photo – the framing of which I particularly like.

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Thank so much for the great post Heidi (and another reminder to spell-check my emails πŸ˜‰ Love your new beaver dam, and the photo πŸ™‚

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