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heidiWBULovely but slow yesterday at Wild Birds Unlimited. Plenty of folks were dam interested to find out there were beavers living just one block up! We left the sign with Mike so he could continue to pass on the word. There were lots of interesting people and conversations but my favorite has to be the man who said he lived on a lake one summer in Illinois and would canoe every day. Whenever he’d show up a beaver would surface along side him and swim beside him as long as he paddled slowly around. He said it happened nearly every day in the month he stayed there, and showed it was an adult beaver in describing its four foot length. Isn’t that a wonderful and rare story?

It made me think of Grey Owl and this striking video.

When I got home Bill Leikam sent me this from a buddy doing sound recording in the Catskills at a beaver pond. What you are hearing is coy-wolfs, geese and a flying squirrel chittering. If you feel any stress at all after listening to this, I’d be very surprised. Enjoy.