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More good news for beavers. This time from our own Mt. Diablo Audubon, where we’re a lead story in their newsletter the quail and a the top ‘community event’.


quailWe also learned that the Forest Service will be bringing their very adorable and functional ‘mobile ranger station’ to the festival. Won’t this look the part?


More news is that I was notified by Dr. Duncan Haley that they are offering a Ph.D. candidate paid position at the University College of Southeast Norway in functional  ecology. He wanted to make sure we passed this along in case any of you beaver scholars were sufficiently tempted. You can go read about it here:  Duncan also notes

In Norway PhD students get paid properly – the pay code translates to 436 900kr/year or c. 51 500USD. For US citizens there is also an amazing tax treaty provision, which applied to Rachel Malison when she did her beaver/fish postdoc here. She didn’t have to pay income tax to anyone, US or Norway. Plus you get a year off on full pay if you have a baby and other social benefits. Please circulate.

And it’s not like the science positions in the US will be doing much for the next four years, right? You might get to see the Northern lights!  Norway is a beautiful country. Take a look.