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Congratulations to our friends in Devon who welcomed the wayward beavers with aplomb. Their dynamic advocacy has kept the discussion of beaver benefits front and center long enough that they won this year’s Countryfile award!

Wild beavers in Devon win national BBC Countryfile Magazine award

Devon’s wild beavers have won a top national BBC Countryfile Magazine award.

Readers selected the Devon Wildlife Trust led River Otter Beaver Trial based in East Devon, along with the Scottish Beaver Trial, as their ‘Wildlife Success Story of the Year’ for 2017. The public poll attracted 56,000 votes across 12 award categories.

The Devon beavers are the first wild population of the animals to exist in England for 400 years. Devon Wildlife Trust leads the trial in partnership with Clinton Devon Estates, University of Exeter and the Derek Gow Partnership.

Mark Elliott, who manages the beaver trial at DWT, said: ‘We’re delighted to have won this prestigious award. The fact that thousands of members of the public have taken the time to vote for beavers in Devon and in Scotland shows the wide support these charismatic creatures enjoy.’

Derek Gow, Devon-based mammal expert and project partner, said: ‘I’m over the moon the Devon Beaver Trial has been given this recognition. I’ve worked with this magnificent species for 22 years. It’s just brilliant that BBC Countryfile Magazine has recognised the importance of beavers in the presentation of this award.’

It’s thought around 20 beavers now live on the River Otter, which winds its way through 20 miles of East Devon countryside.

What a fantastic award for our hard-working friends in the UK. They struggled to keep the animals out of harms way when the Anglers convinced the government that they had diseases and would ruin fishing. They worked to keep the issue in the public eye WITHOUT exposing the beavers to unwanted looky-loo traffic. They inspired an excellent Countryfile episode and they WON against all the eagles and bees and badgers and hedgehogs on the program. We are SO proud of you and grateful for your support of beavers.

Rumors indicate that the Anglers are still complaining that the award didn’t go to a fish.

Meanwhile in Sacramento they are doing something that is very unusual to the levy-threateners they usually trap. And yes, it’s named ‘Justin’ because why be original when you can be exactly like everyone else?

‘Justin Beaver’ Visits Sacramento County Animal Care

SACRAMENTO COUNTY — Sacramento County Animal Care had a special guest Wednesday — his name is “Justin Beaver.”

The animal shelter doesn’t normally take in beavers, but this was an exception. The little guy was found at an apartment complex Wednesday with multiple lacerations and punctures that were thought to be from a coyote or a large dog.

“Justin Beaver” was also missing a front foot from an old injury. Those at the shelter said he didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

The shelter’s medical team got to work cleaning and repairing the new wounds. They even gave him a hair cut before sending him to the Wild Life Care Association for recuperation.

Well, good luck to you Justin. Even though you have a silly name you may well be the luckiest beaver in Sacramento so that should count for something. You can see my favorite part of this article in bold. This beaver has already been trapped once and is doing fine. So I feel he’s got a good chance of making it!