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The Martinez Beavers

The Ides of the Martinez Beavers

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Yesterday was a very odd 79 degrees in the Sierras in March. Daffodil hill was in full bloom, the mountains were heavy white with snow, and another 17 dead ponderosa pines still need to be taken down at my parents house in the foothills. Because California may have escaped this round of drought roulette, but there are still carcasses all around us and a grim horizon. Not to mention the land drop from the smashed aquifer that Bakersfield is never getting back. Well, enjoy the almond blossoms, and the daffodils while we can.

I came across this looking for footage of the big beaver meeting in 2007. I posted it last year but the video was taken down so rendered un-sharable. With a strike on my Youtube record already from the UK I was afraid to do it. I was delighted to see someone else had. This is cued up for Martinez, but you might want to watch the whole thing. It’s actually pretty good.