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In case you missed the Golden Globe Awards sunday night, here’s a bit of tremendous cheer. I heard from Jari yesterday that the Beaver Whisperers has been nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards in the best documentary category! What does this mean? It means more good press for beavers and our friends who take care of them.  Remember the American version will air on PBS Nature this year, and I’m told the rough edits are finished.

Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series
The Beaver Whisperers
(Dam Builder Productions)
Jari Osborne

Remember that a nomination is already a kind of win. Congratulations Jari for your remarkable work and vision! And thanks to the hard working team-beaver that made this such a success. The film includes many beaver-faces you know (Glynnis Hood, Suzanne Fouty, Carol Evans, Kent Woodruff) and some you will be very happy to meet. We are eager to use Jari’s remarkable efforts to promote beavers everywhere and know this good news couldn’t happen to a nicer girl! Hurray beavers whisperers!