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   Posted by heidi08 On December - 7 - 2013

Who should be The Salt Lake Tribune’s Utahn of the Year?

Should the hero beavers of Willard Bay, whose dam stopped an oil spill from spreading across sensitive wetlands, be named The Salt Lake Tribune’s Utahn(s) of the Year? We’ve come up with 17 finalists for the distinction – also including former Utah Attorney General John Swallow, Senator Mike Lee and RSL coach Jason Kreis. Utahn of the Year is designed to note who most shaped the news in 2013, leaving an indelible mark on our state. Weigh in with your choice from our finalists – or write in your own candidate – here:


Our Utahn of the Year most often is an individual or a group recognized for motivating others, inspiring hope or contributing in a way that altered Utah’s course.

Hero beavers » The six beavers are credited with mitigating the environmental impact of a March diesel spill at Willard Bay State Park. Dams they created slowed the spill from reaching Willard Bay reservoir.


Oh, and I vote the Salt Lake City Tribune never uses the word ‘UTAHN’ again. It’s a little creepy.

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