Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Fortunate Fish

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From Mike Callahan:

New Coho Salmon Fishway Installed – Here is the new box fishway we installed today that should make it much easier for adult to move upstream through the Flexible Pond Leveler pipe. It has just one chamber because we only needed to raise the water level in the pipe by 7 inches. High pipe velocities can be a barrier to fish migration. So we did water velocity measurements before and after the installation of the box fishway and the velocity in the pipe following installation of the fishway was decreased by 50%! This will make it much easier for adult salmon to travel through the pipe. We are all very excited about today’s results. Can’t wait for late fall when the adult coho salmon return to see if it works as well as we expect!

Salmon Cam – Here is a video of the fish eye view of the box fishway and discharging Pond Leveler pipe we installed today in WA. Kudos to the beaver-salmon team which included Jake Jacobson, Mike Rustay, and Ben Dittbrenner (who I first met at the OR State of the Beaver SURCP Conference in Feb. this year!)

Gosh I love that salmon-eye view! Can we get one for the beavers? Imagine how cool it would look to follow along underwater as their damming or swimming! Great work team beaver!


Here’s some rare canadian beaver pride. (even though it’s not exactly true)! From Ontario’s Orangeville Citizen

From the Global Classroom

Driving a foreign visitor through the Ontario countryside, we passed a body of water held back by a natural dam. A ‘house’ of woven sticks in the middle of the lake was an introduction to beavers, quite unusual for someone from abroad. Native animals are a drawing card in any country, but one living in and under water with unique creative ability is entirely a Canadian feature. The beaver is an animal which changes the ecology of its habitat to form its own living conditions.

Well I suppose it depends on your definition of the word “entirely”. If you mean its ubiquitously part of Canada, yes I agree. But if you mean its uniquely Canadian then I know seven beavers in Martinez that might take issue with that sentence.


Oh and here’s what all those fish bring to the beaver dam. This photo came last night from our beaver friends in American Canyon.


Not sure what you’re looking at? Here’s a closeup