Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Did you know the Cavalry is in Vancouver?

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179 W. Broadway, to be precise. That’s the address of Fur-bearer Defenders in BC where our good friend Adrian Nelson is putting in flow devices faster than they used to kill beavers. (And that’s pretty fast.) Just read this great story from yesterday


Don’t believe me? Check out this fantastic article:

Volunteer help saves beavers and highway

Beaver dams threatened to flood a section of Highway 101 in Egmont, but thanks to two days of volunteer efforts, the road is now safe — and the beavers are, too.

“The resident in Egmont with the acreage really liked the beavers being there. The habitat they created was bringing in elk, which he really loved, and even when we were there we saw gorgeous song birds,” Fox said. “So he didn’t want to harm the beavers, but it was a little too close for comfort. The dam was built near the roadway.” 

Members of the Furbearer Defenders group Lesley Fox, Jim Atkinson and Adrian Nelson and Friends of Animals member Dave Shishkoff travelled to Egmont on July 31 and Aug. 7 to install two pond levellers and some exclusion fencing to appease the beavers and protect the roadway.

Hurray for Adrian and FBD! And our new friend Dave Shishkoff all of whom drove three hours both ways two times to pull this off! I’m thinking they have earned some beaver love for their hard work so go donate what you can and remind people that beavers are a good thing to take care of.

Cheryl sent an army of excellent photos from her visit to the beavers on Saturday. If I had any impulse control at all I’d eek them out by sharing one a day. But you’re in luck, because it’s always Christmas morning around here. There was lovely fresh willow to keep them occupied and a cast of characters made their appearance.

Wait up!
Kit chases adult with Willow – Photo by Cheryl Reynolds

Did you see that little straggler behind? Looks like he is working hard to catch up!

wait for me
Kit catches up to Willow – Photo by Cheryl Reynolds

Wait for me! I was especially happy to see this familiar face – although given the current state of our dams I know he’s around and feeling fine! You’ve heard of bad hair days right? Well, our patriarch has what I’m going to call “DAD HAIR DAYS”.

Father Beaver’s unique do! Photo Cheryl Reynolds

Ha! Great to see Dad in all his glory! He must have VERY powerful Castoreum! There were various close encounters of the beaver kind:

Beaver Nose & Whiskers Photo Cheryl Reynolds

And finally  something that looks uncannily like a beaver kit waiving!

beaver says hi
Beaver Kit Waiving – Photo Cheryl Reynolds

Which was so adorable I had to go marching back through the archives to show that, yes, Martinez has the most friendly beavers on the entire planet. Thanks so much Cheryl for this closeup meet the beavers! Am I wrong or shouldn’t this be the new billboard as you come off the Benicia bridge?

friendly beavers1