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Operation ‘Momma’ a Success!

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Last night they trapped ‘momma’ beaver with solme netting and cut the restrictive strap off her waist. I just talked to Leslee Hamilton of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. She was the ‘lookout’ and there were several others on the team headed by Rebecca Dmytryk of Wildlife Emergency Services in Moss Landing. Rounding out the team were 5 volunteers from Happy Hollow Zoo including one vet tech. Imagine them all, dressed in black, crouching on the bank in silent readiness.

7-16-13 Beaver Rescue-Beaver cornered with boards
Momma beaver netted – Photo Greg Kerekes

Momma beaver came early and very obligingly walked onto the bank in their wall of netting and into just the right position to catch her and  cut the strap free immediately. She was moved to a dog carrier and taken to a San Jose wildlife center for quick check up. Everyone did their jobs so well she was back in the water at the same exact spot by 10:00 that night and then the team went out for drinks to celebrate!  What an excellent bit of beaver rescue and I’m so happy that everyone came together to do the right thing. Channel 5 filmed the whole thing but it isn’t on line yet.

7-16-13 Beaver Rescue-Just cut the plastic strap
Cutting the strap – Photo Greg Kerekes

Congratulations team beaver! If you want to say ‘thank you’ for all their hard work, you can offer a donation to WES here and don’t forget to mention the beavers!

Beaver Rescue! 7-16-2013

Mama Beaver has been Rescued! Thank you to all who helped out: Wildlife Emergency Services from Moss Landing, City of San Jose Park Rangers, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, Urban Wildlife Research Project, Happy Hallow Zoo Staff, Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, Worth A Dam Martin.ez, and to family and friends who volunteered. What a great colaboration!!!!! After 9 days of attempting to trap the Beaver, last night we ditched the trapping method and used a series of nets. Once Mama Beaver was on the river bank we pulled up a screen net behind her. Volunteers went in with 3 large hand nets and secured Mama Beaver to the ground. The plastic strap was quickly located and removed, she was then crated and taken to Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley for a check up. The Center examined her and found no wounds so with in the hour she was released back in to the water at Beavertown 🙂 Videos coming soon!  Champagne all around tonight

Which will be perfect, because guess where I’ll be tonight? Safari West has invited me to come up and be there guest and talk beavers to visiting families! Tent cabin and dinner on them with me talking to families after dinner and taking their incredible tour the next day. Jon will be coming with me and Cheryl is being kind enough to watch our own Wild Animal while we’re gone. Of course I had to make a new graphic for the occasion. Safari West has been so generous to us since I found the courage to ask for a donation. If you’ve never been you really should plan a visit, and bring your check book to the silent auction at the beaver festival!

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