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Not content with their busy schedules of blocking culverts, flooding towns and killing old men in Bellarus, beavers have been blamed for causing enormous problems all over.

Beaver blamed for brush fire in B.C. suburb

No beaver found at the scene of the fire, but rodent left identifying marks

A beaver is being blamed for a small brush fire that broke out at Lougheed Highway and 105th Avenue in Maple Ridge Monday afternoon. Maple Ridge Fire Chief Peter Grootendorst said the fire started when a tree fell on some live power lines, sparking a fire.

Grootendorst said it was immediately apparent why the tree went down. “The crews on scene reported that there were definite markings on the tree that the beaver had been working on the tree,” he said.Now, whether it was just recent or if a gust of wind came up and the tree was already weakened, we’re not sure.

Did you catch that? We don’t know if it just happened or occurred 20 years ago, but we know a beaver is to blame for our untended power lines. Maybe there were no beaver criminals in the vicinity but we know they’re responsible. Their kind always are.

The truly scary part about this story is that its so familiar I already had a graphic. Not for this one though. It’s more unique.

Dam Break Causes Minor Oil Spill

Residents on a lake north of Kingston have a big clean-up on the hands — and it’s all because of a beaver dam.The recent heavy rain caused the dam to break-apart on crow lake … Sending a flood of water and debris into the path of 3 houses.

It also caused an oil spill near Tichborne.

The smell of oil is still in the air and water in crow lake is under a drinking ban after an oil tank used to heat this cottage was washed out by a rush of water around 8 o’clock Tuesday night.


That’s right. Beavers in Utah might famously stop oil spills but beavers in  Tichborne Ontario start them. (And what kind of name is Tichborne anyway? It sounds like a disease vector)  Of course the property owner isn’t responsible for having an unsecured oil tank right near an active stream. Why would he be? He couldn’t possibly expected to anticipate the sudden impact of a major water event on a stream where water events must always happen. Blame the beaver!

Ken Tallack /Cottage Owner says “A beaver dam can only last so many years, so when it reaches that limit, if no one has periodically taken care of it, it will break and this will be the result”

I assume he means if no HUMAN has taken care of it it will collapse, because if he was talking about beavers I’d agree with him. Sudden thought. What if most of the road washouts famously blamed on beaver dams were actually the result of trapping the beavers so that their were no engineers left to tend the dam? I know some trappers notch the dam as a way to lure the beavers closer, but do all of them?

And then there’s this:

Beaver Caused Accident?

The car of an aledged drunk driver ended up in the Fox River late on Friday night. The driver claims that he swerved to avoid a large beaver that was sitting in the middle of the road.He went on to report that after he exited the vehicle that the beaver grabbed the front fender of the car and dragged it down into the river in an attempt to create a beaver dam.

Well, there you have it.