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Remember the nature sanctuary in Grafton that misunderstood the meaning of the work “SANCTUARY” and trapped its beavers a while back? I wrote the chief administrator and the council and I bet a lot of other folk did too because I received several responses, including one from Mr. Karokti himself. Well it looks like the learning curve in Grafton has taken an upward slope, at least for now.

Grafton sanctuary struggles with beaver woes

A group of residents and members of the Nawautin Sanctuary Association in Grafton struggled with this issue this May when four beavers were trapped and killed by the Township. The sanctuary is a municipal property at the shores of Lake Ontario. Nawautin Sanctuary Association member Jean-Remy Emorine, who has lived near the sanctuary for the last six years, often walks his dogs at the sanctuary and watched the beavers.

“I was really upset when I heard those beavers were killed,” said Mr. Emorine, who is originally from France. “For me they are emblematic of Canada

I have taken the liberty of highlighting what I feel was the salient issue in this article. The town of Grafton did not, in fact “struggle” with this issue. Nor did the membership of the nature sanctuary debate or discuss because they were never informed. Approximately three folks had a discussion and a memo was written, a phone call was made and 4 beavers were killed. I would say the “struggle” for Grafton occurred instead at the emergency meeting where the remarkably tone-deaf decision blew up in their faces and splattered all over the media.

Never mind. They’re definitely struggling now.

“It’s unfortunate because I love animals,” he said, adding he knows there are other municipalities that struggle with similar beaver problems.

In his 25 years with the municipality, as far Mr. Korotki knows, no one has approached the Township with alternatives to trapping. Ms. Kilmer has been in contact with the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, which does offer other alternatives. Mr. Korotki said they will consider alternatives in the future and consult with members of the association.

Well I personally sent him info on Mike’s DVD and Sherri’s book as well as our website, so hopefully we won’t be reading that excuse ever, ever again. Now it’s Adrian’s job to provide workable consultation and nature’s job to move in some beavers to replace the ones that were assassinated.

I quite liked this little insert the paper did, although for some reason I can’t get my brain used to “Mr. Nelson”:

Now its THAT time again! Let’s hope we can get this on the local channel once more!