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The Martinez Beavers

One step forward, two steps back…

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Spetacle Lake in Kent, CT has made a proactive decision to improve its fishing, birds and wildlife by hiring Beaver Solutions to manage its culvert problem. Congratulations to everyone involved, because HOA’s are not the known for ecologically wise decisions. And for a cool 5000 a month you can book this cottage to enjoy a ringside seat. Imagine yourself sitting here to watch the evening beaver visit.

Homeowners get nod to deal with beavers

KENT — The North Spectacle Lake Homeowners Association will soon address flooding caused by beaver dams.  The group got the green light Monday from the Inland Wetlands Commission to proceed with its plan to work with Beaver Solutions of Southampton, Mass., to minimize the flooding caused by beavers. The company plans to raise and widen a culvert but not remove the beavers.

Good work, Nutmeg State! You won’t regret it. And moving on to less pleasant discoveries, there’s this news from the Master Chef auditions.

‘MasterChef’ Premiere: Can Roadkill Earn Brian A Spot On The Show?

Texas stay-at-home dad Brian certainly got the attention of the judges with his dish: roadkill. He served up stripped and shaved Cajun beaver tail. “Literally, you could pass that off as beef,” Graham Elliot said, but Brian disagreed with him on that point.

In case you can’t make it out, that’s Chef Brian running onstage wearing a beaver tail after serving beaver tail road kill that apparently tasted like beef to at least one judge.


Need better news? Last night Jr. showed off some new maturity skills, never whining for food from an adult and never provoking a single snap even in side-by-side feeding. Looks like he has adapted to life as a yearling. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!