Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Caution: Cuteness Epidemic!

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This is from Wild Heart Ranch in Oklahoma, good friends of the Skunk Whisperer and all around remarkable humans. They have a hardy number of volunteers and young people working with them, and I’m always surprised to see what an amazing number of folks do right by wildlife in a state I don’t exactly associate with ecological stewardship. When I was a child we used to say that looking at adorable things gave you “teeth grits”, meaning I assume that you bit down that hard trying to stifle your involuntary ‘awwwww’. Pace yourself then, because these images they might make you crack a molar.

Not sure if I can make this work even if you’re not on facebook, but you should DEFINITELY click on the image below, and make sure you stay for the tail-curling finish.

Bottle feeding a kit: Wild Heart Ranch - Oklahoma

Did you see it? I love, love, love how the tail curls up at the end. It really gives you a sense of how important the unique appendage is to the beaver! One more thing, yesterday Worth A Dam was at a wildlife display at Wild Birds Unlimited in Pleasant Hill. We talked beavers and birds to lots of folks, but the most interesting was a man from Oregon who said that he loved to bring his scout troop to watch beavers. One day during a hard flood he saw a big log washing downstream – with two beavers riding on it!

What do you think, possible? Or impossible? I scoured the internet for such a thing but could find nothing, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

Beavers riding on a log