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The tough install a flow device!

Mantua workers adjust beaver dam after residents complain of flooding

After the South Jersey Times reported on the submersion of a walking path in Jennifer Forsyth’s backyard, township officials approved the installation of a flow device, which allows water to flow through the dam rather than around it. Forsyth was pleased with the speed with which the township was able to address the problem.

“It was really cool that, in less than a week, they made a decision,” she said. “We should get our path back, and there’s still a pond there. There should be plenty of habitat for the beavers.”  Workers installed the flow device Thursday, and the project was completed in a single day.

Hurray! Solutions to the rescue and you can stop wasting time ripping out the dam! I wish there was a photo of the device, because I’d hate to think they installed something ridiculous like an egg-beater in there. But since its New Jersey and Sarah Summerville has already been involved I’m going to assume its a success story and chalk up another win for team beaver! Oh and this is my favorite part:

The ponds that form as a result of beavers building dams across streams provide an environment in which birds, fish and mammals all thrive. Forsyth said she and her husband have seen wood ducks, river otters, wading birds and more fish than ever in the water since the beavers first moved in about a year ago. The flow device will maintain water levels so that the pond is kept to a minimum depth, controlling the reproduction rates of the beavers and alleviating some of the flooding to nearby properties.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.


Now who’s driving to tahoe to say this to the waterboard friday?

Forum to discuss beavers, land-use conflicts and management

Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board staff will host a forum Friday to receive input from agencies, land managers, and interested parties regarding beavers, beaver habitat modifications, and beaver management in the greater Tahoe/Truckee area. This forum is meant to provide a means for interested parties to voice their concerns, identify issues and gain an understanding of applicable regulations pertaining to the management of beavers.

Hopefully we’ll get some smart beaver advocates there! Tahoe needs more beavers.