Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Saturday Sunrise

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Multimedia beavers? Well, you know it had to happen. This morning beavers better qualities are hitting the air waves across the country and we should enjoy it. Let’s start with this excellent radio broadcast from Michigan Radio.

The Beaver is back in southeast Michigan


It has been nearly 150 years since the beaver has made its presence known along the Detroit and Rouge Rivers.The hardy little critters were done- in by trappers and toxic water.

It’s a nice look at the period of 5 seconds of enjoyment folks first have when beavers come back to a river. Don’t miss this glorious moment in time, but I’m sure we’ll hear from them again soon.

And this from Utah which was both adorable and thoughtful enough to unclench my purse strings to make a donation. You should too. When we think of expensive re-branding efforts and major ad campaigns, a donation is pretty cheap good-will investment. (Plus beavers wrapped in towels.)

Click for adorable footage and an excellent beaver quote

The story inflicted me with the magical memories of Dr. Seuss last night so you get my own meager version of the final stanzas of Horton Hear’s a Who this morning.

“Keystone species”, they said, “with their toothsome behaviors
Chopping trees, building dams, they’re the watershed saviors!
It is time for all folks who want rivers to flow
To recognize beavers save water, you know!
We’ve got to keep dams in much greater amounts
So, get to the watershed, for every dam counts!”
Thus she spoke and she typed until everyone knew
Beavers are working for me and for you
And that spill-
That one leaky pipe put caught the cam’ras
Until finally at last they knew what good the dam was
And beavers were seen, in all their furred glory
While fish and birds smiled, “Now do you get the story!”
They’ve proven their value, to all sir and ma’am
And their whole world was saved by that one beaver dam!