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Beaver damage hits Grand Junction park

Trees toppled by feisty rodents

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Feisty? It’s hard to believe that beavers would eat trees in a public park. I mean who do they think they are? Feeding their families in the middle of winter! How could Grand Junction in Colorado POSSIBLY know what to do to solve the problem? It’s not like their sandwiched in between beaver experts with Sherri Tippie of Wildlife 2000 four hours to the east and Mary O’brien of the Grand Canyon Land Trust four hours to the west or anything.

Oh, wait.

Some day the ubiquitous ‘dog bites man’ story is going to be replaced with the ubiquitous ‘beaver bites tree’ headline and then maybe news media will stop reporting it like it’s a shocking development. The only shocking element is that cities that should know better almost never do. And instead of wrapping trees, and relocating family members as a unit, or educating residents, they recreate this scene from Casablanca every time.