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Massachusetts is making news again by introducing bills to ‘unshackle itself’ from the voters trapping repeal of 1996. Apparently legislation that overturns the will of the voters is common in the bay state, because no one’s acting shocked.

Bills to revisit old trapping laws for beavers

As beavers chew through more territory in Massachusetts, several bills before the Legislature this session would revisit a 17-year-old state law barring many methods of trapping and killing these and other types of animals.

The proposals include better tracking of how many beavers are trapped annually and a repeat effort to repeal a state law banning many types of traps, including the leg-hold trap.

What a great idea! Bring back leg hold traps! Hey, why stop there? Why not bring back the guillotine and the rack too! Apparently Massachusetts is so crowded with people that they need easier ways to kill beavers and coyotes. All these pests aren’t going to kill themselves you know. Of course being as its packed with people it’s probably packed with pets too, right? Maybe they better offer one of these while you’re at it…

Catch and release: Dog owners learn how to free pets from traps, snares

HELENA — Michelle Jenicek loves walking her dogs along the creek near her house in Bernice in Jefferson County. She knew a neighbor set traps for furbearers, but it wasn’t an issue for her — until the day her 143-pound dog was caught with his neck in a snare.

Since the entire article doesn’t contain one mention of our old friend Herbie, I have to ask did Mr.Bergquist use up his indefatigable brand? Or is he on vacation, fishing for dolphins in the Bahamas?

The Massachusetts Trappers Association supports lifting the ban. President Malcolm Speicher said modern traps can catch animals without causing painful suffering.

“A lot of people can’t comprehend how the technology has changed, because in their mind it’s the old barbaric method,” Speicher said.

Now there’s a man who’s learned his lines! Not like that slacker from DEC last year who accidentally let it slip that the traps slowly drown beavers and caused Amherst, NY to stop using them! Well, Mr.  Speicher hasn’t learned ALL his lines yet. He certainly doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Speicher said trappers want to see other restrictions lifted. For example, trappers are not allowed to keep beavers killed under emergency permits. With beavers caught in regular trapping season, trappers can sell or barter pelts, meat and castor glands used to make bait and some perfumes, but not other parts of the animals.

I have people that always want skulls,” Speicher said.