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Here at beaver misdiagnosis central we’ve seen our share of mistakes, including nutria called beaver, muskrats called beaver, and woodchuck called beaver. We’ve even seen things that we know are beaver called something else. Like this lovely video for example.

This was filmed in Chain of Lakes state park in Indiana, which is actually pretty abysmal beaver territory in terms of knowledge and acceptance. No wonder the videographer assumed he was filming two otters, since one of them is apparently cute. The large burly chewing figure in the back is an adult beaver, and the little figure in the front is this year’s kit.

You can see the little beaver has been working hard to break up ice. Around .50 there is an adorable shot of him with a head full of ice chips. Beavers change things. That’s what they do. Otters, on the other hand, take advantage of things. That’s what THEY do.

The newly open space is enjoyed by one very lucky otter. He climbs lithely onto the bank and is upset by the big daddy beaver who ignores him almost entirely. Listen to his agitated calling as the larger beaver surprises him by emerging from the water around 2:20. He has been diving to get a treasured root and ignores the otter almost entirely.

This is another quality I like about beavers. They have their own goals and purposes. They don’t get distracted or put off course. They are not bothered by extraneous details.

Pocket spirit of Beaver image ‘focus’.