Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Day One

Share the beaver gospel!

We spent all of yesterday driving towards this behemoth. In the beginning it was invisible, then the size of a pea on the horizon, then a white-capped bowling ball, then this massive chasmed opening of a freeway split in two, then behind us, a pea again.

400 miles, three maps, and many stories along the way. When we got to Canyonville we learned that Leonard and Lois our hosts were there, but both recovering from last minute illness. As we sat and commisurated, we greeted Adrienne Nelson of Fur-bearer defenders and Kate Lundquist of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. Duncan Haley of Norway was arriving later, as was Mike Callahan of Massachusette. Paul and Louise Ramsay would arrive from Scotland this morning,

While we caught up Lois talked to me about a particular presenter who is recommending a large government agency classify beaver as a surrogate species. Since he was proposing it he couldn’t be the person to promote it. Maybe I could help?

Promote beaver benefits and shamelessly advertise for them? Me? I dunno…seems kind of a stretch.