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Good News! No More Drought in Oklahoma Ever!

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Wildlife Control Operators Cutting Down on Overpopulated Beavers

Oh, I guess I got that wrong. When I saw that they thought they were overpopulated with “water-savers” I assumed dry conditions had been repaired! But no, the drought map still looks like this

It’s just that they are committed to killing the one animal that could help fix it.

You know we’re in Oklahoma because they actually show the dead beavers on camera and use that as the screen grab for the entire video. I guess nothing gets attention in the newsroom like a pretty girl holding a dead beaver. Or something. More good news from the trapper:

“I am an animal lover and we have to be educated because people will say, ‘look at the cute beavers’ and people don’t want to see them extinguished but we have to have population control or else we will see the city and county dump thousands and thousands of dollars into rebuilding streets. People will spend a fortune to fix their property if a tree falls on their home or their backyard creek builds back to their porches. There are apartments, stores, restaurants, right here in the middle of us and these animals are tearing everything apart.”

I’m so glad Waite is an animal lover. Well, I guess if my bread and butter depended on the auto wrecking industry, I’d say I loved old cars. Beaver friend Ned Bruha (the skunk whisperer) has been eager to install a flow device for nearly four years now. He has offered to do it on camera. For free. In his county or outside. And not one person has been willing to try anything new. Because their current system of killing beavers, getting federal money for drought, killing beavers with federal money, having more drought, and killing more beavers is apparently working so well.

Waite trapped two 35 pound beavers in the south Tulsa creek along 76th and Mingo. The reason the state asks operators to euthanize them is because relocating them does not solve the problem. He won this beaver battle for now, but next year, or sooner, they will be back. 

There are no words.