Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Beaver ‘amuse bouche’

Share the beaver gospel!

Small news today after our big beaver weekend. I have been working on my presentation for Oregon and wanted to share a graphic I made to show the beaver champions who have trekked the country to see our beavers. See who you can identify.


left to right - Ian Timothy; Sherry Guzzy & Mary Long( Sierra Wildlife Coalition); Skip Lisle, Leonard & Lois Houston, Sharon & Owen Brown (BWW), Mary O'Brien (Grand Canyon Trust), Amanda Parish & Joe Cannon (Lands Council) Michael Pollock (NOAA Fisheries), Brock Dolman & Kate Lundquist (OAEC).

Just so you know, that’s California, Kentucky, Vermont, Oregon, New York, Utah, and Washington. (43 states left to go, and we’re expecting Massachusetts in February). Whew, they should probably name an airport after us. All roads DO lead to Rome!

Also there is a new delight from our own Amelia Hunter, the talented artist who designed our last two festival brochures. If you’re not from around here you might not know that one of the many claims to fame of this city is the supposed invention of the “Martini” in “Martinez”. Get it?

Another dam martini - Amelia Hunter
Hand painted, oven cured, permanent. Dishwasher and food safe. Beavers! When the beavers
picked Martinez to call home, I suspect they could sense the soft spot in our hearts. With the
annual Beaver Festival now in its 5th year, and its own non-profit Worth A Dam I declare the
beavers a significant addition to the charm of Martinez, CA – the birthplace of the martini!
I can customize glassware, too, with a name, a date, or ? Order your glass at or email me at
CARE: Top rack dishwasher safe or hand wash with the smooth side of the sponge. Be advised,
after putting it through the dishwasher, make sure it is completely dry and cooled before use, or
paint may scratch off.

You know you want one. Go here order yourself, your parents or your co-worker a pair. Be sure to tell her you saw it on this website, love her work and sure hope she agrees to do this year’s brochure!