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I got a letter yesterday at the office from Wildlife Services in MA. As you may remember, right around the time that Tom Knudson at the Sacramento Bee was writing about what a dangerous, wasteful, rogue arm of government the USDA had become, the Bay State was looking at some of there more gristly and dangerous solutions and thinking that “why can’t we do that?”

I wrote back with more than the usual cautions and caveats, as well as a pretty clear reading of history. Apparently I was persuasive enough to get a response from the governor’s secretary and a smattering of reporters. Yesterday I was politely reminded that the wilddeath services of Massachusetts had carefully¬† listened to everyone’s concerns but decided to do what they damned well wanted anyway.

The study is referred as a FONSI ‘finding of no significant impact’. That is – impact to humans. I assuming there would be a significant impact to the beavers themselves, because otherwise what’s the point?