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The Martinez Beavers

Day: November 24, 2012

Symbol of America trapped while eating Dead Beaver

SALEM, NH (CBS) – A Bald Eagle wound up caught in a hunter’s trap in the woods of southern New Hampshire this week.

Police say James Ransom of Methuen, Mass. was out scouting deer hunting locations with a friend on Thursday off of Garabedian Drive in Salem, when he came across the eagle snagged in the trap. Authorities say it appears the bird was feeding on a dead beaver when one of its talons got stuck in the snap-style trap.

I don’t know CBS, but maybe this report should be called “the unintended consequences of leg hold traps”. Or even “why killing beavers is bad for America”. I’m glad the hunter was there to save the eagle. But obviously if he’d done the same thing for a fox or a lynx he’d be looking at jail time. Apparently some species are “worth saving” and some are not.

And America has strong ideas about which one is which.