Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

San Francisco here we come…

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The audience at Megan's talk

One thing I was particularly grateful for this year I thought I’d share with you today. It has to do with our good friends at the River Otter Ecology Project. The brilliant and compelling Megan Isadore was able to give a very successful address recently at the Randall Museum for the San Francisco Naturalist Society. It’s the natural history museum in the city and very education focused and beloved.

Because they were interested in doing the same thing for the Rossmoor Nature Association we were able to swap contacts in a way that got Worth A Dam an invitation to present there next summer! Right before the festival our beavers will be featured in all their glory! I thought I’d better start studying up and put together this new species list.

(For those of you following along at home, that’s 15 new species (at least) since the beavers arrival in 2006.)Which reminds me of this prescient child’s contribution:

Beaver under Bay Bridge: Flyway Festival 2009