Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Day: November 13, 2012

Is it possible to love a county? Sonomish County, once home to famed watershed steward and beaver champion Jake Jacobsen (now retired) who along this journey gave me more advice than any one person should be forced to share. This smart, creative, ecologically resourceful county is now teaming up with Adopt-a-Stream to show the beaver movie once again. Of course it will be introduced by Sammy the Salmon who will talk about the essential effect of beaver ponds for juvenile salmonids.

Free film lets viewers experience real life of a beaver family

This could be one of the best dam movies you’ll ever see.

The Adopt A Stream Foundation and Snohomish County Parks and Recreation are partnering to present the IMAX movie “Beavers” on Friday in Everett.

This is a free showing and a movie the whole family can watch and learn from. “Beavers” is short, 31 minutes, taking viewers into the real-time world of a beaver family. The story is set in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains with pristine scenery of forests and lakes.

The stars of the film are a family of beavers, and you will watch as baby beavers, or kits, grow and play. You will see how the beavers transform the world around them by cutting down trees and making dams.

“The whole family will be able to take a virtual swim with beavers and experience the beautiful underwater habitat of one of nature’s greatest engineers,” said Tom Murdoch, Adopt A Stream Foundation director.

As part of the presentation, “Sammy the Salmon” will introduce the film by explaining to the audience the benefits that beavers provide to salmon, trout and other wildlife.

Tom! Ol’ buddy! Are we happy to meet you! Tom works for Snohomish Parks and Recreation Department and founded the Adopt-A-Stream movement to teach folks how to become stewards. What a fantastic idea!

Hey, I know some beavers who adopted a stream once. They were onsight 24/7 and made repairs every day! It was amazing what they did for it! We definitely need to talk. Come to think of it: what’s Sammy doing in August? Maybe he’d like to take a trip to the home town of John Muir for a certain Beaver Festival?


Now a morning quiz from our friends at NAfA (Niagra Action for Animals) who wonder if this might be a beaver chew? 

Pretty tiny bites for a beaver! So far the smart money’s on porcupine. What do you think?


And yet more love!

As of 7:47 a.m. my internet is restored! Whooo hooo! Obviously after things die down with Tom and Sammy I believe I will marry the wonderful technician who brought me a new modem this morning. I cannot begin to tell you how fun it is NOT to huddle over a laptop in the northernmost corner of your house. The things I do for beavers!