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The Martinez Beavers

Day: November 12, 2012

Canada signs onto CBC4kids Bandwagon

The CBC4Kids was launched in 2007 by Tom Rusert and Darren Peterie of Sonoma Birding and has been spreading across North America ever since. Select this link to read a BirdWatch Canada article about the program’s development and BSC’s involvement.

Participants prepare to count birds with a bird identification and binocular workshop before setting out in small teams led by experienced birders. Teams spend a morning birdwatching, recording species and individuals along pre-determined survey routes. Finally, teams tally and share results, and learn the importance of Citizen Science monitoring for bird conservation.

And check out the snazzy PDF in English and French! You should remember Tom and Darren from the last two festivals. They have been very interested in the relationship between birds and beavers since we first me in 2010. Tom is a ‘get things done’ kinda guy, and he will make friends with anyone willing to talk birds even if it means wooing the executioner. That has proven a very very powerful weapon in his struggle, as has the generous application of the word KIDS. Tom and Darren consider it very high praise when I say you are definitely both Worth A Dam!