Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Day: November 7, 2012

With the warm buzz leftover from last night’s election hangover, I thought I’d remind you of a similar night exactly 5 years ago when Martinez came together to defend their furry friends and local heroes. It was a magically electric night.I had missed the vigil earlier because I had to work, but I heard all about it from friends. Former city councilman Wainwright came to my home before hand with several interested residents for a ‘war-room pre-planning meeting’. He brought a bottle of Viano Vineyards Port which was later described as the quintessential Martinez moment.

Viano vineyards was one of the treasures outside of town that became one of the desired real estate markets inside of town. My 83 year old father describes fondly how if you stopped by the farm for a tasting, Mr. Viano would offer a generous tumbler full and a great chat. (Apparently his wife was more guarded with the tap). With that bit of history and a room full of commitment we headed off for the high school performing arts center where the meeting had been relocated (there were too many people for city hall).

I remember being as surprised by the police presence as I was by the attendance. I had never been to a city council meeting before so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one., but I didn’t think it at the time. I also thought that I was the only one unhappy with the last minute ‘relocation’ reprieve that they had heard offered at the vigil. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Maybe you have never watched this. Maybe you think city meetings are boring. Maybe you were there and forgot all about it. I promise you if you listen to the first 5 comments, you will be hooked. Happy 5 year anniversary!