Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Day: November 5, 2012

There is a temporary lull this morning in beaver killing articles, so I thought we’d spend a little time talking about a very great injustice  in the world that has troubled me mightily lo these many months. I’m not talking about poverty or political rape or climate change or slavery.

I’m talking about something much worse.

Source unknown

I’m talking about this outrage! And people who have things like this in their sinks or bathtubs or living room floors. I’m talking about the fact that they get to pick up this tiny fury wet thing with a flat tail and I don’t. Oh the humanity! I thought I’d share some of the more outrageous examples of this injustice with you today. But I warn you: It’s going to get worse. These graphic images are not for every pair of eyes to behold, and I warn you to use caution and common sense and step away from the screen if you feel a swoon coming on. I don’t want a bunch of letters later whining that you didn’t know what to expect or didn’t know how viscerally you’d be affected. You’ve been warned!

Kellie Ball: Wildlife rehabilitation

Kellie is a friend of BWW who saw our website and thought we should be beaver buddies. She’s was specializing in rehabbing beavers in Texas for a while there. The state cheerfully supplied her with orphans but it was hard work finding a safe place to release them. recalling the “using a can of beans to trap a beaver in Edcouch incident” I believe her. Let’s just say that beaver savvy hasn’t yet trickled down to Texas and leave it at that.

Kellie Ball: Wildlife rehabilitation

I told you these photos were bad. Who in there right mind would put a rubber duckie in with a beaver? It’s just sick. As if the one wasn’t cute enough without the other. The ‘rehabbers’ (as they like to call themselves) just toss their exploits around like they were nothing. Like everyone had beaver chewing their chairlegs and building dams out of newspaper under the ottoman. Like every porcelain vessel was just waiting for the addition of a beaver.

Kellie Ball: Wildlife rehabilitation

This Public Service Warning has been brought to you by the good people of Worth A Dam who have after 5 years only had the privilege of handling sick beavers and dead beavers and want you to know we’re mad as hell and not going to take it lying down.