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The Martinez Beavers

Day: November 2, 2012

Autumnwatch footage shows a beaver in its lodge

Click for footage

So this year’s Autumnwatch is following a beaver in its lodge at the Aigas Wildlife Centre – and if you never heard of Autumnwatch or Springwatch you are missing out on a rare insight into the british capacity to enjoy wildlife. This is why they’re never going to get away with killing badgers. Here in America we could never tolerate such niceties unless it was Autumn – when sharks attack! or some such nonsense. Never mind, the BBC sticks cameras all across the countryside and people watch badgers digging or duck families growing up and flying south. Click on the video and turn your sound UP because I never really thought about the sounds a beaver lives with every day of its life. I was assured by Warwick Lister-Kaye, general manager and heir of the estate, that that sound is genuine and not added later. Honestly, if you’re ever tempted to try a wildlife holiday, Aigas looks idyllic in so many ways! The beaver video below has a surprising visitor that I’d love to see at our pond someday!

And as if having a beaver in Autumnwatch wasn’t enough, I just learned from Louise Ramsay yesterday that she received word that they’ll include some free Tay beavers as well! That’s right! Not just captive-watch but FREE beavers doing their own thing watch, which is a huge step on accepting them in a country that’s had a beaver tantrum for 400 years. Congratulations to Paul and Louise Ramsay and the incessantly hardworking folks at the Free beaver group including Bob Smith who has been nagging at the BBC to include the once-illicit now-temporarily-tolerated beavers! I will show you the footage if I can!