Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Dam Easy

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Let’s say, (and why not) that you’re a surface feeding bird whose neck only reaches so far into the water. You have razor sharp reflexes, a quick stabbing bill. You hang around looking at those delicious fish at the bottom of the pond. You even wiggle your toes to try and get them curious so they come closer. But you have to wait for the  tasty morsels to float towards the top of the pond before you can partake. It’s very annoying.

And then, water starts coming from the sky. Just like that! And the pond fills up and up and up until something amazing starts happening. All those tasty morsels start getting pushed up to the surface and some of them even get pushed over the dam. Your dinner just walking across your plate. Your prayers have been answered! Weather girls be dammed! All of a sudden it’s raining fish!

Snowy Egret - Cheryl Reynolds

You step into the line of fire and start devouring scaly manna from heaven. Ohh that’s good! You deserve this. You’ve waited your turn. Welcome to easy street! It’s about dam time! Uh oh. what’s that shadow over your shoulder? Looks like fishing is now so dam easy even a child could do it!

Juvenile Night Crowned Heron - Cheryl Reynolds

Isn’t that always how it happens! You finally get what you’ve been waiting for and some dam kid shows up to crowd your glory and take it all away. He doesn’t deserve this! This is your turf! He has no idea what he’s even doing! Look at those feet! No fish is gonna be interested in them! Just sitting there with his mouth hanging open! Well a bird’s gotta do what a bird’s gotta do. Sometimes a man just has to defend what’s his. Ya’ know?

Oh no you don't! Cheryl Reynolds

This exciting episode of “Good Bird Fellas” has been brought to you by Cheryl Reynolds and the Martinez Beavers. These photos were all taken yesterday at the primary dam.