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Croatia: New Spies

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A long time ago the international beaver symposium took place in Lithuania and we sent beaver friend AH over from Germany to take notes and ask questions.  Remember Skip was at that one? And we were particularly interested because the issue of beavers had just sprung to the forefront in Riga?

Haven’t heard from AH in a while (sigh!) but no matter, this year we had NEW spies to attend the beaver symposium in Croatia!

Representatives from Scottish Wild Beaver Group travel to Bavaria and Croatia on information gathering trips

Members of the Scottish Wild Beaver Group (SWBG) and other interested parties are in Bavaria this week for a study trip organised by the group.

The trip is funded by the European Archnetwork and the six people going represent woodland, fisheries, non-governmental organisations and legal interests, and include the author of a recent Scottish Natural Heritage report on the use of derogations in management of protected species.Paul and Louise Ramsay have also been invited to talk about the Tayside Beavers at an event in Oregon next year.

And in addition to good press they even wrote a blow by blow account of the conference and everyone they met there.

“The International Beaver Symposium would not be the same without Gerhard Schwab from Bavaria, extraduction expert of beavers to the world, including Mongolia. Here he is at a thoughtful moment during dinner on the first evening of the symposium.’

“At the next table were Gerhard and, next to him, Hugh Dignon, the Scottish Government’s Head of Wildlife. It was a credit to Hugh that he took the trouble to come. On the right of the photograph is Karen Taylor, who works for Scottish Natural Heritage in Lochgilphead. I wonder what she is thinking as she looks at Hugh Dignon.”

Since there were some SNH folks there, there was a bit of a stir when Paul talked about the first ‘feral beaver’ who was captured and died in the zoo. I’ll let him tell it since years of upperclass breeding and attending Eaton probably give him the diplomacy advantage. Suffice it to say, fee-fees were hurt, and feathers ruffled, and Paul and Louise scurried about and made their amends on behalf of the free tayside beavers.

All in all it looks like a splendid event, and one that’s growing up, since the inclusion of the Ramsays is the first time it moved out of the ‘science-y’ realm and into the real-world challenges of living with beavers. Maybe someday you’ll be ready for the exciting story of Martinez! Let us know!