Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

For our friends in Stittsville

Share the beaver gospel!

“There were no beavers in that lodge

There were beavers filmed the next night

“No beavers were harmed when we destroyed the lodge”

The male  was not seen again

“We are sure there were no kits in that lodge”

There were two very small kits, now with no protection.

“Beavers will destroy the the trees”

Volunteers wrapped the trees.

“Flow devices can’t work in storm water ponds”

Beaver Solutions sent photos of flow devices in storm water ponds

“These beavers must be relocated…there’s no alternative, no not to that sanctuary you want, and not by Sherri Tippie…we picked someone better…much better…don’t worry about it being winter…everything will be alright…just close your eyes…don’t peek…are you peeking?….now…magic…..beavers are fine! See?”

Mind you, I don’t trot out Hamlet for just anyone. This is really, really upsetting. If you want to read something nice to get rid of that gripping pain in your chest, try this. It’s the update of our friends at the Sierra Wildlife Coalition, and it will take the sting away. For those of you following along at home, remember, they started out with some lying governmental beaver-killers and a failed effort to protect a colony, producing a response that eventually grew into this!

Which begs the question for Mayor Watson, do you really want to make Ottawa mad?