Because the beaver isn't just an animal; it's an ecosystem!

The Martinez Beavers

Attention Gardners!

Share the beaver gospel!

Beaver Supporter and all around remarkable human,  Kelly Davidson Chou, of Mt. View Sanitation, has spaces open in her Saturday workshop on Bay Friendly Gardening. Kelly is an environmental education specialist, and volunteered to take on the pesky job of organizing our ephemeral ideas to meet the demands of the FWC grant application for interpretive signs at the dam. She worked at the festival and helps us keep an eye out for non Alhambra Creek beavers.

You can add your name to the list today, call her at 228-5635 x 19, or even just show up by 9:15 tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Considering form and function before planting can save you time and
resources. This workshop provides an overview of design & maintenance
practices that will help you make smart choices at the nursery.

Help your garden. Help your pocket book. And help a friend of the beavers. Sounds like smart thinking to me.

In other environmental news Beaver supporter LK writes excitedly that she caught a glimpse of migrating butterflies

Did you see them? There is a butterfly migration happening!!  dunno what kind…noticed them yesterday and again today flying to the north over highway 4.  they seem so fragile to be making such a trip!

I don’t know what kind either, but that’s very exciting. I forwarded her email to Gary Bogue and hopefully will have some answers for you soon. In the mean time, don’t forget to look up.

Gary is probably still proudly enjoying his seven “It a gosling” cigars from this week’s hatching and launch from the roof at the Contra Costa Times.

Apparently the entire sage created quite the buzz. The leap off the roof produced such alarming video he took it off his website, even though it came with warnings and the preface that “all the goslings made it safe”.  I would advise the kinder, gentler photo essay rather than the video, or at least turn your sound wayyyyy down.

Anyway, mom and babies are doing fine apparently. And the friends of Walnut Creek are keeping a careful eye out. Thanks Gary! He will be the host of the Muir Earthday-Birthday this year, so you should really come by to thank him for all the good work he does.

Finally, my friend DS from Santa Cruz sends this story about a pair of golden eagles returning to the campus. It s very reaffirming to think about all the ways that nature reasserts herself in our little lives. Somewhere right now, nests are being built in unused bicycle helmets, strawberry pots, and the shovel of an old bulldozer. Compassionate, frusterated and wildly busy humans seem to just stop and let them have their space. They sometimes need a little nudge to do the right thing, but it is lovely to watch hearts soften. While nature renews itself, we humans have our own rebirth.

Maybe the first robin of spring was never truly worth reporting, but the first human awareness of a robin in spring is a story that never gets old.